Pray with us

NP Chinese CF (NP CCF)



We thank God that our CFers still commit themselves to having devotions every week, although we changed it to Friday afternoons instead of mornings, when most of the members are available. God has shown mercy to us with good response from members. We were able to have more in-depth sharing with each other, as well as the opportunity to share our struggles and pray for each other.

We also thank God that the committee is able to serve and grow together, when at the start we were preoccupied with the number of people available to serve and worried about the workload. However, God has showed us that nothing is impossible in Him, and although sometimes we may feel weary, we see God’s grace and mercy at work in this student ministry. 

Pray with us for:

  • the new committee for the next academic year to be able to work well with each other and the staff worker. 
  • God to grant the new committee wisdom in planning the CF programme.
  • CFers to continue to grow spiritually, step up to serve, and realise the importance of CF in the school.
  • our staff worker, Qi Hua, that she will have the strength and wisdom from God to guide us and to serve God.


National University of Singapore Chinese Varsity Christian Fellowship (NUS CVCF)



We thank God for sending more associate staff workers – brothers Tan Tiong Ann, Elijah Ong and Chang Weixing to help with the ministry on campus. They have been a great blessing to us in training and discipleship.

This academic year, we conducted a series of talks that attracted a few non-Christian students. We thank God some CVCFers had the heart to follow up with them.

Pray with us for:

  • the freshies who are taking up leadership roles soon, that God will personally work in their hearts and nurture them spiritually in His time.
  • the 52nd Exco handover in May. We pray incoming leaders will catch God’s vision and direction for the new academic year. 
  • students’ relationships with God will be renewed daily over the holidays. We also pray for students attending the 台湾青年宣道大会 (Taiwan Youth Mission Conference) and IFES World Assembly in July, that their lives will be transformed.
  • Jackson our faithful staff worker for the past six years, who will be leaving FES in May to pursue theological studies. We give thanks for his genuine heart and effort in counselling and guiding us. He has been a spiritual father, a teacher, a brother, and a friend. We also pray for his family to be good testimonies to whatever community God is planting them in.
  • a smooth transition for the new staff worker assigned to CVCF and for a good working relationship to be formed with students.