When We Are Together

The combined Polytechnic Chinese Christian Fellowship bonding camp was held on 18-20thJune. I was given the opportunity to serve in the planning committee. I must confess that I accepted the role out of obligation and not because of desire. Also, many of us struggled throughout the planning of the camp, both as a committee and individually. Thankfully, with the help of our staffworker, we managed to pull through it all as a team. Therefore, thanks be to God who provides and guides! Despite my initial lack of passion, I have still grown in my walk with Him.

One highlight for many of the campers was Angels and Demons. Through this challenge, campers got a taste of the difficulty of juggling their poly life with their Christian life. My highlight was to watch and review the movie “The Shack.” It greatly resonated with my current walk with God as the show portrayed situations in which the actor had his doubts about faith and an estranged relationship with God.

However, the greatest takeaway from the camp for me was the camp theme itself – When We Are Together. The theme was carried through not only during the talks, but the experience throughout the entire camp. I learned that though we are imperfect and struggle greatly within ourselves, God is merciful and wondrous, and still chooses us for His ministry. Even though we behave like the prodigal son at many times, God still loves us like the father. Indeed, to describe His love with words will make the oceans run dry.

Written by
Jabez Tho
Singapore Polytechnic, Computer Engineering, Year 2