Ministry Means Working with People

This year’s MELT (Ministry Exposure Leadership Training) trip took place in Khon Kaen,  Thailand as a ministry, missions and leadership training for polytechnic students. Our team comprised of seven students from NPCF and SPCF, and two staff workers. We began our MELT journey in November 2018 with workshops, training sessions and meetings leading up to our two-week exposure trip to Khon Kaen from 16-29 March 2019.

2 countries, 2 CFs, 1 God we all love (Us and the Khon Kaen University TCS Students)

Planning was not easy due to some commitments we had that sometimes clashed with preparation dates. During that period, we had to plan our programmes, logistics, fundraise, buy insurance and flight tickets; things that some of us had never done before. Despite the long meeting hours, we persevered, prayed and trusted God to do His will through us.

During the first week, we attended church services at Kittikun Church and ran activities for the primary school children at Maryphorn Christian School. These included English classes, visits to Khon Kaen National History Museum, and Khon Kaen Zoo. To end the first week, we visited Pah Moh village with our new friends from Thai Christian Students (TCS), the Thai equivalent of FES. We spent our second week evangelising to students in Khon Kaen University and had fellowship with the TCS students. The trip was by no means easy because it required constant adapting and improvisation. Nevertheless, it was immensely rewarding as it taught us many things about ourselves, God’s work and ministry.

Khon Kaen University field trip with Maryphorn school kids

Personally, I realised that ministry is not as simple as I thought. I wanted to take the necessary steps to achieve our objectives. After the trip, I was reminded that ministry means working with people, not just planning on computers or machines, and to be flexible to work around unforeseen circumstances. The most important thing in ministry is letting the love of God shine through you. Programmes work as good tools, but they will not replace your mission. Sometimes, things might not go according to plan, but the bigger question is, how will you let God’s love be seen in you?


Written by Dylan
Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Accountancy, Year 2