International Friendship Day


SIM SCF International Friendship Day (IFD) was held on 25 January 2019 at SIM as a follow-up from the FES National Conference 2018 Shalom Project. The three ministries within SIM SCF – the English CF, Indonesian Students’ CF and the Chinese CF – together with our staff workers put our brains together to organise this event. Through IFD, students learnt of the diversity of different nationalities and cultures on campus. It also allowed students to appreciate what “missions at their doorstep” means and raised awareness for SIM SCF in the school.

Participants taking pictures with the Vietnamese nón lá (leaf hat)

For this event, five countries were selected based on the student demographics in SIM – China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam – and station games were created to represent each country. For example, at the Korean booth, traditional Korean games like Ddakji were played, while Chapteh was played at the Malaysia booth. Not only did the participants get to play the games, they also learnt how these games originated. After completing each station, a stamp was given to the participants, and with three stamps collected, participants were entitled to partake in the international buffet provided. Over the meal, new friendships with the participants were forged as love and care were exemplified by our members through the small conversations. It brought us much joy to see that the participants enjoyed themselves playing the games and chatting. 

Explaining how to play Bamboo Jacks (Vietnam)

It has been some time since SIM SCF held an event of this scale in school and it is heart-warming to hear from participants who were fellow Christians, that they felt proud and encouraged to see SIM SCF doing an outreach event to live out the love of Christ, reaching the students. Not only did we impact the student community, but I am glad to see our own members bonding as they came in unity to help to make this event a success. 

Glory to God, Amen! 

Written by
Christopher Wong Rong Kai
SIM-UOL Year 3, Accounting and Finance

The brains behind this event

As an Indonesian-Christian student, immersing myself among different cultures is one of the quickest ways to appreciate the vastness of the world.

My friend and I were assigned to come up with ideas for China’s booth. While it might seem that coming up with ideas for China’s booth may sound easy, since I myself am Chinese, it was still a considerable challenge for me. In the end, we decided to go for the theme of Chinese New Year. It happened to be just around the corner from the event, so we thought, why don’t we use this brilliant idea? It then took almost three months of brainstorming, planning, and preparation to make this event a reality.

Thanks be to God! The event was carried out smoothly, the visiting audience was satisfied, and smiles were projected on all their faces. I can say that the participants have felt the love and blessing by everyone around them so much so that it reminds me of what is said in Mark 12:31, “Love your neighbour as yourself.” Long story short, this journey of planning such an event has deepened my understanding of the cultures of the world, while also promoting the beauty of Christianity through intangible objects.

Written by
Ervina Chandra
SIM ISCF, Economics and Finance, Year 2