Time to Treasure

What should we treasure during our time in university?

The theme of this year’s NUS Varsity Christian Fellowship (VCF) Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC) is Time to Treasure. During the camp, three subthemes were explored: seeing time as treasure, taking the time to condition ourselves for treasure, and putting time into treasure. Our speaker Mr Paul Seah drew from the Parables of the Talents, the Sower, and the Prodigal Son, and brought us to examine what we should treasure in the limited time we have in university and on earth. I was reminded through camp that how we view our time and treasures reflects how we view God, the Giver of these. To steward what God has given to us well, first requires an understanding of His love and our identity as His treasured children. 

The speaker, Mr Paul Seah reminding us to be rooted in God and His Word as we face the challenges that will come

The journey of doing so is definitely not easy but experiencing again the community of VCF during this camp was a reminder that we have fellow believers to run the race marked out for us! What I enjoyed most about camp was the openness and warmth of community. Campers were eager to bear one another’s burdens even though they just met, and seniors were ready to welcome freshmen into the VCF community we have grown to cherish. We were praying, crying and laughing with each other through the four days, testifying of God’s love that binds us beyond faculties, churches and denominations. God truly worked in this camp in ways that no human hands could alone accomplish and to Him be all glory.


Written by Christabel Yip, NUS for Impetus August 2018 ( FES E-newsletter)


Campers gathering for morning devotions

I signed up for this camp with few expectations, thinking it would be just like another NUS camp. I was so wrong. During this camp, I got to interact with other like-minded Christians who have the same fire for God and are also going through similar struggles in their lives. These interactions also broadened my mindset as I got to mingle with people from other denominations. 

Most importantly, the camp theme spoke to me. Four years ago, I backslid, believing that Christ’s second coming would not be soon and that I could ‘sin’ freely. However, I dreamt of Christ one night and He told me He is coming soon and told me to be holy. This camp’s theme, Time to Treasure, really hit me as I questioned whether I was really preparing for His second coming ever since I had that dream. I reflected and renewed my mindset and attitude towards life, striving to live a life in full preparation for the second coming of Christ from then on.
Written by Christopher S/O Magendran, NUS for Impetus August 2018 ( FES E-newsletter)


Sharing our walk with God using pictures

My biggest takeaway from camp was a renewed sense of confidence to let God have my life. VCF FOC can only be described as timely for me. I could see how I was being armed spiritually and emotionally across devotions, messages, workshops and even the smallest of passing conversations with my peers. I walked away not having the answers nor the certainty that things were going to be smooth in my next four years in university. It will be a mad ride, but camp served in many ways to remind me God’s intentions are beyond what I can imagine.


Written by Thelma Chia, NUS for Impetus August 2018 ( FES E-newsletter)