Unbusy, Unhurried and Unworries

On 1–2 March 2019, FES organised a retreat for graduating polytechnic students and young graduates from the polytechnic CFs. The SPCA Retreat aimed to challenge participants to stop, ponder, find out what God is calling them to, and align that to God’s will.

Uncle Dauglas (centre) as camp’ speaker on the topic of Lifestyle.

Psalm 56:4 (KJV) says: I trust in God, so why should I be afraid? After going through this retreat, it made me more confident to know in my daily life, be it university, NS or work, that God will always be there to strengthen and sustain me in the things that I do.

Eight years ago, I dedicated myself to firmly put my trust in God and let him guide me in my life, and till many years to come I will continue to trust in him no matter what. Because no matter what the obstacle is or difficulty that comes up, my heart will always be at peace and know that the Lord will protect me.

Lastly this retreat assures me to be Unbusy, Unhurried and Unworried. Worldly things and aspects are important, but nothing is more important than to give and spend time with God.  Thank you to all who provided the wonderful sessions and talks and worship. Real cool man. Let’s do this again next time.

Written by Yong Sheng
Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Sustainable Urban Design and Technology (SDE) Architecture, Year 3

‘I’ve been through this before, this time it’ll be the same’ was what I thought when entering SPCA 2019. I was wrong. Without an expectant heart I entered the gates and immediately I was forced to change my heart to one that hungers for Christ ravenously. Being someone that focuses on ministry as service, I find joy in serving all of you and it has been my pleasure to. Screaming for more as I left, my heart found itself in a place to wait upon the Lord, while caring for the people struggling in this reality we live in. I hope to see all of you again and please remember to take care of yourselves.

Written by Cavin
graduated from Singapore Polytechnic, now studying in Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

I really enjoyed this short session of stopping, pondering, calling and aligning myself with God. It was such great timing as many things happened before camp, and it was a great escape coming to camp and feeling the love and comfort from God and this beloved community. The teachings from the amazing speakers really brought me back to my purpose in life and I learned new things and made new connections about God in my brain.

This camp allowed me to experience a peaceful time of not needing to do anything but just enjoying my status as a child of God. I was once again reminded about God’s love for me and my love for this community too. It was a great and fruitful time spent with God and my new and old friends. Thank you for planning.

Written by Jaine
graduated from Singapore Polytechnic