From Nominal to Radical Christian

The theme of this year’s NUS ISCF camp was Inside Out: From Nominal to Radical Christian. The camp was held at St. Pio’s Friary and Spirituality Centre in Johor from 13-16 May 2019. The camp was packed with six transformative sessions, a praise night and a movie screening.

I was particularly enlightened by the second session where we explored ways to live out our calling as “Radical Christians” in our daily lives. As believers of Christ, we have been saved from our sins and are no longer ruled by it. We are being changed into the image of Christ and must thus detach ourselves from the sinful nature of the world. In conclusion, being in the world means we take part in the world as beacons of light for Christ without engaging in its worldly values.

We concluded the camp by presenting new insights we obtained from every session

The other session that spoke to me was Session Four: “Transformed? I am too restless despite God.” We discussed how we worry so much that our fears become bigger than God. It is the modern form of idolatry in which we consider worldly things as equal to or even greater than God. After this session, we had a praise night where we sangto glorify God for more than an hour. In the middle of the night, we were asked to reflect about the idols that ruled over us personally. Later that night we burned a sheet of paper on which we wrote about our idols as a symbol of our commitment to get rid of them.  That night was very memorable as I felt God’s presence among all of us and I felt a sense of relief as I dismantled the idols I had.

In the last session, we were taught about the properties a community of Christian disciples should have. The first one is to hold on to His teaching. Second, we should produce fruit. And lastly, we should love one another. I hope that after this camp we can continue to grow together in Christ as an impactful ISCF community.

Written by
Keziah Sitinjak
NUS Applied Math, Year 1