Living the Gospel-Driven Missional Life

The theme of this year’s NTU ISCF Camp was “Living the Gospel-Driven Missional Life”. It was an important theme for ISCF to share the gospel. At first, I expected to gain mission exposure. In the end, it turned out well and I was blessed for joining this camp. 

The first three sessions were delivered by Ng Zhi Wen. The opening session was titled “How to Abide with God”. We learnt from Revelation 2:1-7 where the church in Ephesus, even though they were faithful and enduring in doing God’s works, were criticised by God for losing the “love they had at first” and asked to repent. Before we start with a Missional Life, we need to have an intimate relationship with God by first spending time with Him. For the next session titled “Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven”, Zhi Wen pointed out that we are caught up in activities, without thinking about the purpose of doing so. We then reflected on our purpose of life by asking: “who am I” and “why am I here”. For the third session titled “Gospel and the Living Community of God”, we learnt that the light of Christ showing Kingdom of God values must be shone on others by our fellowship.

We also had a workshop and talk show, led by P. Ramachandran and Yohanes Kurniawan, about attuning our lifestyles to God’s mission. From there, I realized that the importance of knowing our purpose for missions and everyone in our lives is the opportunity to spread the gospel.

My greatest impact from this camp is the exposure trip to a Nepali dorm. At first, I felt uncomfortable inside the dorm, but God opened my eyes to see many people who have never met Christ or knew Christ as their Saviour. I felt humbled that God could use me in reaching out to the migrant workers. After the trip, I realised that reaching out is important and needs much effort. In the end, I felt blessed throughout the camp for being able to reconnect with God and other campers.

Written by
Steven Andreas Chandra
NTU Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Year 2