Why Do We Believe in Jesus?

On 12 April 2019, the Indonesian Students Christian Fellowships throughout Singapore collaborated to hold a public talk in NUS titled ‘The Crucified Jesus Among Other Gods’. The speaker was Malcolm Tan, a Singaporean Methodist pastor.

He talked about the historical proof of Jesus’ existence, and more importantly, why Christians believe Jesus is God. There were also explanations of some basic Christian concepts. The most memorable one for me was when he said, “At the very beginning there was the Father and the Son who loved each other, and that love is the Holy Spirit,” as an explanation to the Holy Trinity.

He also touched upon the significance of Jesus’ crucifixion. It became the most famous death in history. It managed to transform the cross, a symbol of shame, into the ultimate representation of God’s grace. It gives hope that even the worst sinner could be redeemed, that a wreck could be changed anew. Moreover, His death has inspired a lot of people to go beyond their limits to serve God. Because, as the speaker had aptly put, “If He has given His own life for us, then none of what we’re doing is too big.”

Personally, the Q&A session gave me rewarding insights. For me, one unforgettable question was ‘Is it okay for Christians to question their faith?’. This hit close to home for me. It’s very relieving to know there are fellow Christians who feel the same, and to hear the answer that it is completely okay – “In fact, you have to have questions. Faith without questioning is a blind one, and it could be very dangerous.”

Overall, this talk brought a fresh perspective and strengthened the foundation of my faith as a Christian. Why did I become a Christian? Because I grew up in a Christian school, surrounded by Christians. But why do I remain a Christian? This talk made me ponder these questions, and even answered some of them. I hope that it also enlightened others, Christians and non-Christians alike.

Written by Marcella Mia Marcia
NTU ISCF, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Year 1