Chinese Work

In 1956, an island-wide curfew imposed during one of the worst riots in the history of Singapore forced students and staff at the former Nanyang University, the only Chinese university in South-East Asia, to remain within the Yunnan campus over the weekend. It was then that Christian students and staff decided to hold their own Sunday worship and fellowship. This led to the formation of the Nanyang University Christian Fellowship (NUCF) in 1957.


With an increase in the intake of Chinese-speaking undergraduates at the former University of Singapore in the mid-sixties, it was found that integration was difficult in a campus dominated by English-speaking students. To address this, a Chinese sub-committee – known as the Chinese Varsity Christian Fellowship (CVCF) – was then set up in 1967 within the framework of the Varsity Christian Fellowship (VCF) at University of Singapore.


As time went on, those involved in the ministry were convinced of the need to coordinate Chinese work at the various tertiary institutions. This led to the formation of the FES Chinese Work (CW) Committee in 1970.


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1895年,著名的慕特John R Mott(左图)在英国发起了基督徒学生运动 (Student Christian Movement,简称SCM)。这个原本有强烈的福音派色彩并对宣教也重视的运动,后来却因为受到新派教义的影响,渐渐偏离了信仰。




渐渐的,学生发现在英国和其他地区的新派教义,也传入他们的校园。但神却在各大专校园内不断工作,使学生们聚在一起祷告、查经、迫切地宣扬主耶稣的福音。在1952年,这些福音派学生另外组织一个团契,命名为大专基督徒团契,即Varsity Christian Fellowship, 简称VCF,显示当时的基督徒学生非常忠心的持守纯正的福音信仰。





Nanyang University Christian Fellowship Retreat at Punggol (1974)
CW Combined Poly Camp 2019