Specialised Ministries

To encourage more involvement in specific areas of Christian witness on campus and beyond, FES is developing several specialised ministries to facilitate this. These are in the area of Wholistic Witness (Missions) and International Student Ministry.


One distinctive of the FES ministry is our emphasis on Christian witness that is wholistic. We are committed to the good news of Jesus Christ by demonstrating the integration of faith and life. We communicate this creatively and clearly in word, in action, and through relationships – within and across cultures and geographical boundaries.


To support and strengthen the wholistic understanding of Christian witness and mission among students, we have the following programmes for students of FES affiliated CFs:




The MORPH programme seeks to:

  • reexamine the relation of the Christian “self” to the “other” in an intercultural context
  • build on theoretical as well as practical knowledge and skills for engaging in wholistic witness


Registration for MORPH begins in August/September each year. The training calendar typically looks like this:

  • October – Programme launch
  • November – God, Self and Others
  • December – Personalities
  • January – Local Exposure (marginalised communities in Singapore
  • February – Culture and Contextualisation
  • March – Preparation for camp
  • May/June – Four week exposure trip
  • July – Wrap up and the way forward


For more information, contact us.



Ministry Exposure Leadership Training (MELT)

MELT is a combined polytechnic CF training programme that focuses on the mission of God and the wholistic Christian witness, both on campus as well as in a cross-cultural context. It also aims to equip students who would like to serve in ministry and in missions, through teaching sessions, camps and an overseas exposure trip.


The programme curriculum includes:

  • Story of the Bible
  • The Mission of God
  • Understanding Student Ministry
  • Integral Missions
  • Culture and Contextualisation
  • Local and Overseas Exposure

MELT runs from November to March. Registration for the programme normally begins in November.

For more information,  contact us.


Other Programmes

The Chinese Work (CW) and Indonesian Ministry (IM) regularly conduct mission exposure programmes within their ministry sections. Refer to the CW and IM webpages for more information.

A MORPH preparation session on 'Culture & Us'
A MORPH team at a culture exchange seminar at a university in Cambodia
Polytechnic CFers packing food items during their intercultural exchange programme
Commissioning a mission team at the CW Missions Night (2018)
VCF's IFG celebrating mid-autumn festival
Having a meal together at home


To reach out to and build authentic friendships with the many international students who come to our shores to study, either for an exchange programme or for the entire course of study, some FES affiliated Christian Fellowships (CFs) have a dedicated team of students to coordinate this effort:


International Friendship Group (IFG) at NUS VCF


For information on ISM on other campuses, please  contact us.



Meals@Home Programme

 FES coordinates the Meals@Home Programme which matches incoming international students with volunteer families with whom they would share a family meal and spend time together several times during the year.


For more information,  contact us.