Annual Review 2021

We are now in the final month of a very long 2021. As I will mention in this Annual Review, there has been more fatigue in 2021 than compared with last year. Yet, through the grace of God, staff and students have persevered till now. Therefore, the theme of this Annual Review is “Perseverance and Resilience”, highlighting the many struggles throughout the year, yet not giving up meeting, worshipping, and praying. This review also includes highlights from:

1. English Section
2. Chinese Work
3. Indonesian Ministry
4. Graduate Ministry
5. Engagement
6. Resources

You can read our Annual Review 2021 online, or download it here.
Our finance update is available here for your prayerful consideration.

Praying for the Reopening of Student Ministry
I thank God for sustaining us through a tiring year. As I note in this Annual Review, this year has been a lesson of what it means to persevere and to develop resilience. I believe this will do us good in preparation for 2022, as many things reopen, and opportunities present themselves again. Pray for ready and willing hearts to serve and to minister to the next generation of students.

Jeremiah Goh
General Secretary