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CF Programmes for Freshmen 2022

Dear friends of FES

For many of the universities, it is the holiday season, but it only means that a new academic year will be starting soon. Our University CFs are already busy organising Freshmen Orientation Camps and Programmes (FOC/FOP) to welcome and orientate incoming freshmen for 2022/2023.

So I would like to request you, to let any incoming freshmen know about the upcoming FOCs/FOP. Or if you could help to publicise them through your own means, that would help all of us greatly.

The polytechnics began their academic year in April and their activities are currently ongoing. If you know of friends who are studying in one of the polys, do invite them to sign up to find out more about the CF on their campus.

Here are the following FOC/FOPs:
NUS VCF FOC (5-8 July):
NUS CVCF (11-13 Aug): see poster below
NTU CF FOP (12-14 Aug): see poster below
Various Polytechnic CF programmes:


Jeremiah Goh
General Secretary



5-8 July 2022


Looking for a Christian community in NUS? Wish to forge new friendships and have an exciting first experience in university?

Save the date and sign up now for a God-centered orientation camp! Tell a friend too!! Sign up at:

Find out more:
Instagram: vcffoc2022
Telegram: @waddlingwombats or @deniseeleongg




11-13 August 2022


Theme: “In the same Ship”, that is, FellowShip

Having uncertainties about university life? Worried about finding camaraderie? Do you have a passion to serve in campus ministry, to be salt and light?
Let’s travel together in this FellowShip!

Contact person: Apple
Telegram: @applekxq
Whatsapp: 97988397
Instagram: @NUSCVCF






12-14 August 2022


Starting a new chapter at NTU? Interested in being the salt and light on campus? Join us to learn the ins and outs of being a Christian student in NTU.

Sign up from 1 July through or the QR code.








Join a Poly CF!



Do you have Christian friends studying in one of the polytechnics?  Invite them to join a CF meeting on campus. Find out more at