Courage and Faith in Mongolia – Morph

A reflection by Kelvin Tay from NTU CF SPMS Maths on his Morph experience. Morph is a FES education and engagement program for students to encounter God at a deeper level and go through experiences that challenge their life perspectives.

I signed up for Morph because I wanted to understand what Missions was about, particularly since I come from a church which emphasizes a lot about missions. Honestly, I was also very interested in visiting Mongolia since it is a rather exotic country to me that I had little knowledge of.

Of all the training sessions that I attended as part of Morph, I gained the most from the “Culture and Contextualisation” session. I enjoyed it because we got to think deeper about certain practices or values that we hold on to, but which may not necessarily apply in another country. For instance, in Mongolia, time isn’t the biggest worry. Life there is slow-paced, and the people may not regard time the same way as a Singaporean, who typically values time in the context of money.

Now over in Mongolia, the English camp was the highlight for me, specifically the gospel rally that we organized. Throughout the planning phase up till the night before the gospel rally, my team and I had no idea how to run it. We tried brainstorming interesting ways to preach the gospel and how we could address certain problems that we noticed. But the more we planned, the more we got lost and confused. It was only then that we decided that we were thinking too much, and not allowing God to work through us. We decided to just share what was on our hearts, specifically me sharing my happiest and saddest moment in my life. Thank God that through my sharing, we managed to pray for the students, both Christians and non-Christians.

The one thing my team and I learnt is to always trust in God, no matter how crazy or impossible things may seem. The entire trip ran so smoothly despite our inadequacy, despite us not knowing what the next day was going to be like. We realised and acknowledged that God was always looking out for us and planning our next step. We just had to have the courage and faith to obey Him.