Discerning God’s Heart

The call and mission of Christian educators

The 5th Asian Christian Teachers Conference (ACTC) was held in Singapore from 15–18 June 2018 at Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road). Around 180 educators from Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore were in attendance. ACTC was jointly organised by the Teachers Christian Fellowships (TCF) of Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, as well as InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Philippines, with the support of FES and GCF Singapore.

The programme comprised plenary sessions, seminars, and workshops conducted by various speakers and facilitators on the following topics: Learning to Discern Wisdom for Teaching, The Call and Mission of Christian Educators, Discerning God’s Heart from the Book of Philemon, Partnering Parents in Education, Teaching to Touch Lives, Through the Humanities, Ministering Christ’s Love Through Co-Curricular Activities, Our Mission in Secular Education, Can the Bible Withstand Scientific Scrutiny, and Writing to Discover God’s Footprints.

Discussing issues and challenges in partnering parents in education

Many testified of how the conference had touched their lives: 

“Through this conference I learnt more about how to become a good role model as a Christian teacher.”
a participant from East Timor 

“The seminars and workshops were beneficial and have inspired me to stay focused in this journey as an educator. For future conferences, perhaps we can have some speakers from other countries so that we can hear different stories and perspectives.”
a participant from Malaysia

I thank God for this opportunity to not only hear and see people who love being teachers for God, but I also see the dedication of the organisers. I’m grateful.
a participant from Thailand

“God spoke to me through the vespers on Discerning God’s Heart – I was refreshed and strengthened to continue to fulfil my call as a teacher in my school.”
a participant from Indonesia

“I really appreciate all the speakers. Somewhere along the way, my calling as a teacher became a bit blurred. I became too busy with my admin assignments. The session on living out one’s calling in an imperfect world was quite humbling and challenging.”
a participant from the Philippines

“I have been very blessed and privileged to be able to pray for educators from neighbouring countries. It is my first time praying for them.”
a participant from Singapore