FES-GCF Dinner


It has been a familiar story for our Christian Fellowships these past two years. Almost every report and reflection included the sentiment of having plans and programmes that had to stop or change drastically due to the global pandemic. Schools were closed, classes cancelled, and trips postponed. It was such a recurrent sentiment since 2020 that the theme for last year, in hindsight, became simply about building resilience for FES and the Christian Fellowships. But things have changed yet again in 2022. While schools and shops have re-opened, the dominant mood is still uncertainty and ambiguity. And it might remain so for another few years yet. So let us not wait for even better times.

Let us take the opportunity available to us now to Reconnect – with each other, and with God’s continued faithfulness in His student and graduate work –.at the upcoming FES-GCF Dinner on 16 September. Please refer to the poster below for the details.

Register at links.fellowship.sg/fesgcfdinner2022
Call/sms us at: 9008 6200

I hope to see all of you there at the dinner. May the fruits of this student and graduate community across the generations remain the everlasting testimony of God’s glory and grace.


Jeremiah Goh
General Secretary