FES News and Updates (Impetus Jan 2021)

From the Campuses
Campuses are steadily re-opening this new year. Students and staff are returning to their school communities, classrooms, and canteens. This marks yet another transition for our ministries after a year of perpetual transitions. It is a transition to a hybrid form of ministry which embraces digital and physical experiences. The benefit of this hybrid ministry is that it diversifies our ministry methods and mindsets. Certain activities, such as brainstorming meetings and intensive Bible studies, are more effective on the digital platform by using collaborative applications like Miro and Mentimeter. Other activities, especially where fellowship and food are involved, benefit from physical meetings. In this sense, there are options for how student ministry can be done, where convenience is no longer the only consideration to hold.

Yet another blessing is the sustenance and perseverance of the Christian Fellowships (CFs) and its leaders. Upon reflection, the student leaders of 2020 have effectively led their CFs through a year of crisis and uncertainties. That is something to marvel at and be grateful for. It will also be their legacy as many of the CF’s now enter into a period of leadership transition.

Pray with FES
Just as FES has gone through its leadership transition with Jeremiah taking over as the General Secretary from Lisman, so many of the student leaders from the CFs will begin to look for their successors. Our polytechnic ministries already had their AGMs and the training of the next generation of leaders has already begun. Please pray for the present student leaders of the CFs and their efforts in finding their successors. Pray for those considering leadership, not only to serve but also to learn and to grow. Pray for quiet stability, strength, and perseverance for all our students as they continue ministry through yet another year of uncertainties with faith, hope, and love.