FES News and Updates (July 2021)

VCF FOC: Back to Basics

FOC Committee, gives us a glimpse of what took place during those few days.

As the everchanging COVID situation continues to pose much anxiety in our hearts, it is easy for us to lose sight of our sovereign God and His commands. Reflecting on how we have all perhaps been jaded from a period of wandering in the desert, much like the Israelites in Moses’ time, the camp direction was set based on Joshua 22:5.  “Back to Basics” sought to be a time for freshmen to make new friends, and be a space for all involved to realign ourselves to the Father’s heart.

While most of the camp was conducted over Zoom, the 110 freshmen were able to enjoy one of the four days participating in programmes on campus! The theme talks, delivered by Rev. Allan Lee, further served to encourage freshmen to think about how they were to love the Lord, walk in His ways, and serve Him as they enter a new season of life.


In these past two weeks, there has been much that FES has to lament and hope for. We remember the tragic loss of lives at the River Valley High School and the basketball court. We also remember our international students from our CFs, many of whom have had no chance to return home even for a visit despite the escalating problems in their families and their home countries. I ask for us to remember, to lament, and to hope.