FES News and Updates (Impetus June 2021)

Combined Poly Chinese CF Fresh Graduates Camp

“The annual Combined Poly Chinese CF (CCF) fresh graduates camp, with the theme 人生GPS (Life GPS, was held from 28–29 May.

This camp was an opportunity for fresh graduates to prepare for the challenges ahead of them, and for the poly alumni to share their experiences with the younger graduates. Though the camp could only be held online via zoom, that did not stop me from attending as I saw it as a bonding and learning experience. There were two talks presented: brother Jia Jun shared on ‘Work-Life’ while Pastor Tan Yan Yee shared on ‘Relationships’.

Having attended the talk on work-life balance, I realise that it is not so much about finding a five-day workweek job or a job that I like but more importantly, a job that does not affect my walk with God. For example, a job that often requires you to make decisions that are not aligned with the values of God can result in burnout due to the constant need to grapple with conflicting values. Hence, it is important for me, when searching for a job, to have a clear picture of the factors that need considering before deciding on one, so that I do not end up compromising in matters of faith.

Work-life balance is also about having ample time for family, leisure, and God. I often struggled in these areas during my school internship. An important tip I learned from the talk is to find out the level of needs that are satisfied during my leisure time and match that level with the other two areas. This will help me to be a good steward of my time.

– Steven Chew Bangxin recently graduated from Temasek Polytechnic in Business Information Technology


Combined Uni Chinese CF Fresh Graduates Camp


“Despite the aggravating circumstances brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, I am grateful that I was able to attend the Combined Uni CCF graduate camp this year. Through the camp, I was reminded to have trust and faith in God, and that we still have hope in such dark times. Held on 13, 15, and 16 May, the theme of the camp was ‘主锻措施’ (Spiritual ‘Circuit Breaker’). We had Rev. Caleb So who shared on ‘Life Goal’, Rev. Thong Tang Hiong on ‘Money Stewardship’, and brother Gabriel Koh on ‘Work-Life’.

Having served in the camp organising committee as a student representative, I was able to learn first-hand from the graduates who supported us in running the camp. Despite their tight work schedule, they set aside time to join our meetings. When I saw their wholeheartedness in serving the Lord, I was greatly encouraged and inspired by their example to do likewise and give my all when my turn comes. The committee decided to have a hybrid camp, integrating physical and online sessions. Although it was unfortunate that only half of the campers could join us at the FES office for the physical sessions during the first day, we were still thankful that many of them took time off to join us on the second day, when the camp was held virtually.

I appreciated the fact that the camp programme explored relevant topics that touched on different facets of life like money, work, life, interpersonal relationships viewpoints, and attitudes. From the sharing by brother Gabriel, he mentioned that it was important to cultivate good habits before graduating, as many fall in the face of adversity and overlook their identity as Christians. The time set aside for self-reflection(宁静谷) provided me the space to look back and reflect on my university journey, where I have experienced God’s greatness and His unending grace, comforting me and filling me with the hope of a better future!

The camp concluded with a proclamation to round up all the reflections and expectations of my future. Through the declaration “I believe that God is faithful, immersed in His unyielding love”, I motivated myself that even though my job has reduced the time I spend with God, I will continue to rely on and yearn for Him, hoping to experience Him more and more. All in all, it was a rewarding and constructive camp as I gained and learned much from it.”

– Helen Keung recently graduated from SIM with a major in Logistics and Supply Chain


Pray with Us

Even as we go through another season of leadership training, planning, and orientation camps under restricted measures, we also remember yet another year of mixed opportunities and experiences for our fresh graduates. More importantly, we recognise how much work and the workplace has already changed for them and how different a world it is right now compared to the previous year. Let us pray for the graduates to have courage, boldness, patience, and discernment as they ponder their next steps after graduation.

On the note of orientation camps, we sent out an email on the upcoming FOC and FOPs for Academic Year 2021/2022. Please check it out here if you missed it and help to share the news around: tinyurl.com/fesfocs2021.