FES News and Updates (Impetus May 2021)

This month, as part of the leadership transitions for many of our Christian Fellowships (CFs), we asked some incoming and outgoing student leaders to share their thoughts on taking up leadership positions. Here are four student leaders and a brief sharing of their thoughts. You can watch them share more fully on our Instagram: @fesfellowship!

I am Ian, studying biomedical engineering in NUS and from Paya Lebar Methodist Church. Before serving in NUS VCF, I was a youth cell leader in my church. In this year of service as the Hostels Ministry Coordinator for VCF, I hope to learn humility and to work out disagreements with grace. One of the huge challenges in serving in this capacity, where everyone who is serving alongside me is passionate, is to disagree with love. People who are passionate about ministry usually also have strong opinions, and I hope to be able to learn to deal with such situations with humble discernment.

Hi! I am Jamie, a nursing student from Nanyang Polytechnic. I worship at Wilkie Terrace Christian Assembly. Currently, I am the NYP CF president. The last time I played a major leadership role was when I was the drum major of my secondary school band. Through my involvement in CF, I hope to learn a lot more about God from different people’s perspectives. Since CF is interdenominational, it is the ideal platform for conversations and understanding between denominations. This is very beautiful to me because differences usually cause divisions and discord, but in Christ, such differences should allow us to grow to learn more about God’s character and to love and empathise with our brothers and sisters instead.

Hi! My name is Marcella, and I am a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering student at NTU. Previously I was in charge of welfare in the NTU ISCF Exco and currently, I am the outgoing secretary. ISCF was my first Christian community and I have been blessed by this community. As I wanted to extend the warmth to others, it led me to take up leadership positions in the CF. To be honest, I did not start my leadership term with any huge vision for the CF. Only a small conviction or a flicker of the candle, compared to the burning fire that I saw most of the other leaders possessed. I stepped up not because I believed I could lead, but I believed in His perfect grace to sustain me through, and that He will use me in all my weaknesses.

I am Leo from the School of Electrical Electronic Engineering of Singapore Polytechnic and I worship at Leng Kwang Baptist Church. My biggest role before serving as a leader in CF was to help lead the ITE freshmen orientation for one week. During my time as a CF leader, I learned to cope well with both schoolwork together with CF activities and planning. This was exceptionally challenging given the new environment and strict restrictions of the COVID year. There were many obstacles for the Exco, and we wondered how we were going to overcome all of them together. But through this time of leadership, I got to know myself better – both my strengths and my weaknesses.