FES News and Updates (Impetus Oct 2020)

World Student Day 2020

World Student Day (WSD) is an annual day that unites the global movement of IFES to celebrate all that God is doing through our students, and to pray for one another and the needs and opportunities for the coming year. Because of our work-from-home restrictions, the committee heavily adapted WSD to a completely online event, meeting physically only to do one dry run, and to host the event on the day itself. Despite the challenges, we managed to hold our WSD on 17 October 10 am to 2 pm with over 90 students and staff in attendance.

The theme for WSD was “Beyond Ourselves: What’s on the Outside?” The intent was to expose students to how God is working through student ministries around the world, and how connected we all are as an international movement. Tying into this, our speaker Dr Tan Lai Yong, gave a concise and powerful exhortation on how the gospel is for all, transcending all boundaries on account of who Christ is and the power of His redemptive work on the cross for us.

The most significant benefit of the proliferation of Zoom was that we managed to invite students from seven other movements to share at our WSD! We broadened our horizons and learnt much about what it meant to be a Christian student from places such as Fiji where Christianity enjoys widespread acceptance and seen as the norm, to others such as Japan, where the environment does not lend itself well to Christianity and being a Christian there is frowned upon, resulting in Christians being a minority. Representatives from Cuba, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, and Kyrgyzstan shared the various ways in which their movement engaged their campuses with the gospel.

Through planning this event, God showed me what trusting in Him and His timing yields. The biggest fear was establishing contact with our fellow movements around the world, bearing in mind the various time-zones we all were in, level of internet connectivity, and state of lockdowns. However, not only did most of our movements turn up during the event, they also blessed us with wealthy testimonies of God at work in their country. This emphasised the universal nature of the gospel and the necessity and urgency to spread it through the many different means available to us.

National Student Council (NSC) Exco AY 2020/21

The 8th National Student Council (NSC) Executive Committee has formed for the academic year 2020/21. The Committee comprises:

Chairperson: Natalie Liew, Year 3 SP ECF, Business Information Technology
Secretary: William Nathaniel, Year 3 NTU ISCF, Materials Engineering

Elijah Tan, Year 3 NUS VCF, Social Work
Gabriel Hsu, Year 3 NTU ECF, Mathematics and Economics
Mattias Tan, Year 2 SIM ECF, Communications
Mei Yan, Year 1 SIM CCF, Marketing
Samuel Lau, Year 3 TP ECF, Environmental Design

The NSC is a platform and community for all current presidents of the various ministries to connect with each other. The Exco was formed to administrate the platform and to offer opportunities to build the community. However, following from the discussions of the previous NSC Exco, NSC can play a bigger role in impacting both students as well as churches and fellow organisations. In the current landscape, we see the need to connect internally not only the students from our various ministries from tertiary institutes, but also to connect externally with the churches and parachurches. We want to provide opportunities for collaboration and support to them, well increasing the awareness of FES and NSC as a student ministry. We hope to engage and involve the fellow campuses and ministries in working together to serve God and the students better. Stay tuned as we seek God for direction and get our plans in action.

Pray for IFES

This is a period of many transitions. Please pray for IFES and its newly appointed General Secretary, Tim Adams. Tim will assume the position starting January 2021. Many other movements are also expecting, experiencing, or have recently experienced leadership changes as well. Please pray for godly discernment, creative spirits, and blessed obedience.

Praise God for giving us the opportunity to connect with fellow brothers and sisters during World Student Day from the various regions of IFES around the world. Please pray for an international movement you are familiar with, or an international student you know, or learn of more prayer requests collected during World Student Day here.


Jeremiah Goh
Communications Team Lead