Final Year Programmes

Some of our Christian Fellowships (CFs) and ministry sections have programmes in place to help final year students prepare for graduation. If your CF does not have one yet, perhaps these can spark off some ideas for ministry among final year students.

NUS Varsity Christian Fellowship

Walking together as final year students and graduates-to-be at A Walk to Remember held in August 2017

In August 2017, the Varsity Christian Fellowship (VCF) Life Travel Planners (LTP) organised a camp called A Walk to Remember. Graduates were invited to share on topics such as finances, family life, and vocation. The campers spent time working through the issues, considering them within the larger frame of God’s purpose for them, both during and after university. The goal of the camp was to inform and encourage VCFers to consider the decisions they make as students, both during their time in university and after, and to subject them to God’s will and purposes.

Apart from the camp, LTP also held a gathering for students from the year’s graduating batch aimed to kick-start, within the batches, groups that would commit to be each other’s companions through the difficult transition to working life, helping each other live faithfully through the disorienting changes.

This year, LTP is being renamed as Talking About Graduation (TAG) to communicate its aim of encouraging VCFers to engage issues regarding graduation and transition throughout their time as students.

FES Chinese Work

Combined university final year camp for the Chinese CFs held in May 2018

Camps are organised annually for final year students from the Chinese CFs in the polytechnics and universities to equip graduating batches to live out their identity as Christian servants in the marketplace. Graduating students are encouraged to meet among their batch of graduates to support one another as they transition to work life.

FES Indonesian Ministry

Though there is no formal programme for final year students in the various Indonesian Students’ Christian Fellowship (ISCF) groups, students are encouraged to think through the challenges ahead for them when they graduate and to consider forming cohort groups for mutual support and encouragement. This is usually done at ISCF year-end camps held at the close of the academic year.