Five Things I Asked God That Has Sustained Me Thus Far (GS Letter Nov 2020)

When I was appointed the Acting General Secretary (GS) of FES in 2009, I asked God for two things. I thought these two would be enough. First, the courage and boldness to do what is right and, second, wisdom to decide and pace the actions appropriately.

Yet, after a few years in the GS role, I realised that many of these initiatives and changes would take time to fully materialise. Hence, much perseverance would be required of me to carry out those actions till its completion. Someone once told me, “we must not only start well, but also finish well”. It was then that I asked God for the third thing: endurance.

Then along the way, I grasped the fact that while I can persevere in this ministry, I may do it grudgingly. Hence, I asked God for the fourth thing: joy. As Nehemiah 8:10 says, “the joy of the Lord is your strength”, it is indeed very true. Joy bolsters endurance.

In the last few years, I made my fifth request. I prayed that God will grant me divine hope, that despite the bleak realities, and with things not going according to plan, I will remain hopeful; trusting that He is sovereign, in control, and will make things right and complete in His good time.

Now, as I look back to the past decade since assuming the role of GS, I can testify that His supply of courage, wisdom, endurance, joy, and hope – has never been lacking.

I share the above with you as an affirmation to the Bible verse written on a memento someone gave to me at my GS commissioning service: “Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God” (2 Cor. 3:5). It has been always on the side of my desk since then (see photo).

In the last twelve years of leading FES, I can truly testify that our Lord keeps showing to me again and again that He is always in control and provides sufficient competence and provision for me and the FES ministry.

I believe the above is also true for FES financially. Each year I seek to ensure that our staff will get the equivalent of one month’s pay for their Annual Wage Supplement (AWS). To do so, this year we need to raise close to $125,000 for our staff team of 30. If the Lord moves you to participate in this campaign, kindly indicate in your cheque, PayNow, or standing instruction “For Staff AWS”. For more specific details on how to support us, do refer here.

The unprecedented pandemic crisis has resulted in economic recession and greater uncertainty in what lies ahead for many of us. Understandably it is a very difficult situation now. Nonetheless, I humbly seek your continued partnership with us in empowering our staff workers to cultivate “a community of Christlike leaders who are salt and light on campus, in the church, and in society for the glory of God”.

Lastly, I pray to God our Father to enable all of us to testify that the pandemic has not lessened the courage, wisdom, endurance, joy, and hope God has, in Christ, for us.

In His grace,

Lisman Komaladi
General Secretary