Graduates Resource Integration Team

We graduate with eyes full of hope. But how many of us end up going for work through gritted teeth?

Forming Classmates to Colleagues Circles (C2C) at the session on 28 July on Why must I work?

On campus, we ask God to open our hearts and minds to see His kingdom in and through the campus. GRIT was formed in 2017 to ask God how we can continue the good work – but this time in the workplace.  GRIT stands for the Graduates Resource Integration Team. 

The primary task of GRIT is to support Christian students’ transition into the workplace. While some churches have begun to look at such important work, FES and our campus ministries are uniquely placed to support this transition.

GRIT will work with FES staff workers to understand and even prepare the context from which students emerge. It can tap on the potentially massive resource of former students of FES who are now in all walks of work and life.  

To this end, GRIT has begun its first baby steps. On 28 July 2018 and 18 August 2018, GRIT organised the first two sessions of Classmates to Colleagues Circles (the “C2C Circles”). The first session was titled Why must I work?. The second session was Defying gravity: rising above the doldrums of work. 

Exploring together what calling means at the session on 15 September

We had enthusiastic participation with sessions kept small at around 20 people. There was biblical teaching. The mix of both fresh graduates and more senior graduates also created circles of conversations – spaces to challenge our thinking and living, but also to share deeper questions and felt needs.

GRIT continues with quite a few more sessions in the pipeline. Please approach your staff worker if the message does not get to you. 

Our prayer is that God transforms gritted teeth into true grit and passion to live in the blessings, rest and also transformation of the kingdom in the workplace. Walk with GRIT in this – better yet, come and bring along your fellow graduates, and together with senior graduates, we will all walk with God in the workplace.


Written by Zeng Hanyi
Hanyi graduated from NUS in 2014 and currently works in a law firm.

Perspective October/November 2018 (FES newsletter)