GS Letter Dec 2019: God Is Still Raising the Next Generation

Let me end this year with an unassuming story of Lim Jie, the newest staff worker of FES. He joined us in July 2019. As an NUS Computing graduate, he would likely have a bright and financially rewarding career in a technology-related company. However, throughout his years as a student leader in NUS VCF, he has been challenging himself on what it means to live life without the sacred-secular divide. To that end, he has thought hard on how to better utilize his computing skills for the common good and social welfare, rather than for self-comfort and an easy life.

He has been looking for the “ikigai” (a Japanese concept meaning a reason of being), or in Christian terms “vocational sweet spot”, where he can do what he loves, what he is good at, what the world needs, as well as what he can be paid for. After much prayer, thought, and consultation, his conviction led him to choose FES where he currently does campus ministry at James Cook University and developing apps as part of the FES Apps Team.

As per our tradition, we recently gathered some of Lim Jie’s friends and got him to share how and why he joined FES. Here is the group photo (Lim Jie is sitting, second from the left).

The above story is heartening for me. I am grateful to be able to witness that even till now God never fails to raise young people like Lim Jie, as well as many other younger staff workers who have intentionally and willingly chosen “to go where there are no easy roads, leave the comforts that [they] know, let this journey be [their] home, let go of [their] ambition, cut the roots that run too deep, and learn to give away what [they] cannot really keep” (from Steve Green’s song “I Will Go”).

Therefore, I would like to end the 2019 series of GS Letters with soaring hope that God is the One who sustains this ministry and makes it thrive.

As intended, 2019 has really been a year of fallow and listening for me as well as for FES. The FES Annual Review 2019 will be sent separately in which you can read more about how God has worked in and through us this past year. We also highlighted some ministry concerns for the year ahead as it will be the year of ploughing and discerning for us.

Last but not least, in this Christmas season and as we prepare for the coming New Year of 2020, let me repeat what I wrote in December last year, the words of Os Guinness in Prophetic Untimeliness: A Challenge to the Idol of Relevance, which challenges us to continue not“ignoring the importance of the past, exaggerating our knowledge of the present, and presuming to speak accurately of the future when quite simply we can’t.”

In His grace,

Lisman Komaladi
General Secretary