GS Letter September 2019

Allow me to put into writing three thanksgivings I shared last week at our FES 60thAnniversary Dinner, held in the National University of Singapore (NUS), and attended by more than 500 of our graduates, students, and friends. It was held together with the GCF 64thAnnual Thanksgiving Dinner and FES Chinese Work (CW) Annual Big Family Gathering. Here are some photos from the momentous occasion.

The first thanksgiving is about 家 (family). I am grateful that we are, first and foremost, a family. A family who is bonded and united in Christ as well as in this worthy calling of student and graduate ministry in Singapore; whether we be from the English Section, Chinese Work, Indonesian Ministry, or Graduates’ Christian Fellowship (GCF). My gratitude reached its peak when I saw hundreds of us gathered at the dinner, people catching up with old friends, as well as student leaders earnestly and energetically serving tables.

My second thanksgiving is specifically about the FES 60thAnniversary. As I wrote before, the number “60” in Chinese figuratively means a full lifespan (一甲子). I am grateful that we are blessed not only to have seen one full lifespan of FES ministry, but also that God grants us now to witness His continued work among the students in the second “60 years” and prayerfully, many more “60 years” to come.

Thirdly, a rough estimation suggests that since the 1950s, FES, together with GCF, has trained and sent out more than 30,000 students and graduates to the church and society. In God’s grace, I believe that they have indeed been sent out now into many places and vocations in Singapore and the world, being salt and light, living and serving as Christ-like leaders, as our forefathers envisioned it.

The question now is “What’s Next?” Let us examine and struggle over this question together. Let us not become complacent but instead remain zealous and fired up over our conviction for more of what God wants us to do next.

One immediate step to take next, if I may suggest, is to read the FES Perspective Special 60th Anniversary Edition.

You can find the e-copy here:  If you prefer hardcopy, kindly let me know.

Enjoy reading various stories and testimonies shared by our graduates and students across the decades from the 1950s to today.I pray that your reading will bring back not only your memory and heart for student work, but also spark thoughts and ideas for possible future work. Feel free to contact me at, I would love to chat and discuss it with you.

Another step to consider taking is to follow us (FES) on Facebook and Instagram (@fesfellowship) for much more news, updates, photos, and future events.

Let us continue walking and working together in this partnership of the Gospel, for the sake His glory among the future students and graduates God is entrusting us – many more “30,000” students and graduates to reach out to, serve, and send out.


In His grace,

Lisman Komaladi
FES General Secretary