FES News and Updates (Impetus Feb 2021)

CVCF and a Hands-on Chinese New Year

On 9 February, NUS CVCF organised a hands-on CNY gathering for their members and friends. Two international students, who have been in regular contact with CVCF throughout the year, joined in this gathering. Together they designed red packets, made mini Spring couplets, and ate snacks which they baked on their own. They also had a time of small group sharing to get to know each other better.

Jensen Chan, a Year 2 Mathematics student from NUS and the CVCF Outreach Coordinator, said that it was initially stressful to plan for this event because he did not know how best to use the opportunity to share the gospel or the faith. He then further reflects, “After talking with my fellow outreach coordinator, I was reminded that the purpose of this programme was mainly to build relationships with these newcomers and provide an opportunity for them to know what the fellowship is like. In the end, the gathering was planned to encourage knowing and sharing in small groups. While making red packets and couplets, the Christians had the opportunity to talk about the faith and to explain Christian blessings and terms through the context of CNY.”

SIM SCF and the Rough Sleepers of Singapore

From February to May, SIM SCF will be having a charity drive in partnership with Homeless Hearts to raise awareness and funds for the rough sleeping community in Singapore! Who are rough sleepers? Rough sleepers refer to anyone who sleeps on the streets, but they are not necessarily homeless. Why then do they do it? SIM SCF encourages you to follow their Instagram on @sgunseen to learn more!

February, as the first month of this four-month initiative, will predominantly be a donation drive. Details for giving towards this project can be found on their Instagram @sgunseen. From March to May, there will be an Art+Sales initiative when the CF will engage the SIM campus by asking students to submit their designs on themes such as love, home, and rough sleeping.

Frionne Heng, the SIM SCF Outreach Coordinator, reflects on the motivation for starting this initiative:
“My friends and I enjoy having suppers at a Toa Payoh McDonald’s to unwind after work or school. My encounters at McDonald’s, however, made me realise how privileged I was to be able to afford a vanilla cone that costs just 80 cents. I saw an old lady with a hunched back trying to sell tissue papers to customers only to be chased out by the McDonald’s staff. Then there was an old man scavenging for leftover food to fill his stomach. On another night, I saw a homeless man sleeping on cardboard on the cold hard floor outside McDonald’s. In my subsequent trips to Toa Payoh, it was no longer just this one homeless man – there were many. How could this happen in a flourishing country like Singapore? How could it be that we live in a city where we hear of people living in luxury on one hand, and people in severe deprivation on the other hand? I am immensely thankful for an Outreach Interest Group that cares for the marginalised communities too. Since December, we explored the various unseen communities in Singapore with the consideration of what God’s heart for “true worship” might be. We thus embarked on a journey to raise awareness and funds for the rough sleeping community in Singapore, with the plan to partner with our schoolmates in this effort. In so doing, we hope to see how God can use us to bless our community while opening our eyes to things we are ignorant of and teaching us lessons of His glory.”

Pray with Us

As can be seen, COVID-19 has not stopped the desire for outreach. Despite all the restrictions of the pandemic, the CFs from the English, Chinese, and Indonesian ministries are continuing the missional spirit of outreach and witnessing in one way or another, digitally and physically. Pray for our outreach efforts as we find or create opportunities to witness wherever and however we can. Pray for opportunities for students to hear about Christ and to encounter Christ, be it on campus, or in their own homes.