I am Adulting !!!!

Book Review

Welcome to Adulting
by Pokluda, Jonathan
Baker Books (2018), 224 pages
FES Library book call number: 248.8 POK

“What should I do next?” This may be the question lingering in the mind of many people in transition. The same question is even more challenging for one transiting from the routine of schooling – attending classes, obeying teachers, and taking tests – to the unpredictable life of adulthood. This process, informally called adulting, may even begin earlier for some forced to live as adults at a younger age because of life circumstances. In any case, this is a process everybody needs to go through, i.e. the process of taking responsibility of one’s life as a mature adult.

Pokluda answers the above question by highlighting issues of adulting, such as work and dating, and offering pointers from Scripture to deal with them. He approaches subjects with blunt honesty as somebody who took many unfortunate turns before he found a better way to adulting. Although he was raised in a Christian family, his life was a mess as he engaged in sex, pornography, alcohol, drugs, materialism, even owning an arrest record, to enjoy life and be happy. This was not a life one takes pride from, but Pokluda readily shares his past as an example that one should not follow. Conversely, he recommends the better way. It is the way charted in Scripture by God. He develops his chapters with simple language and helpful illustrations so his points are not difficult to grasp. He also provides concrete steps to deal with the issues discussed.

This book is a wonderful companion for anyone navigating their way through adulthood, whether as teenagers, fresh graduates, or even middle-aged individuals. Having these unfortunate experiences himself, Pokluda brings consolation to those who may have made poor decisions and are ensnared by their consequences, that it is never too late to change. For those who are figuring out or striving for the right path, Pokluda gives a confident assertion on following God’s wisdom despite what men may say. Thus, through this book, he helps one to reorientate or affirm life’s priorities to what matters and what is meaningful amid the dissonant voices of the world.

Reviewed by
Victor Wibowo
FES senior staff worker

If you wish to take up this book and grapple with the issues in your process of adulting, let FLINT suggest a simple reading guide to help you on this journey.

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