Jai Mashi!

Victory to Jesus! 

MORPH is a FES missions training and exposure programme open to students from all FES-affiliated CFs. The programme begins in October and ends in July the following year. During the May–July period, students in the programme go on a missions exposure trip. In the 2017 MORPH programme, one of the teams headed to Nepal for their missions exposure trip.

Jai Mashi! This is a greeting commonly used by Nepali Christians meaning “Victory to Jesus!”. 

Conducting Bible study in a Christian boys’ hostel

MORPH Nepal was held from 12 June to 11 July this year. During our trip, we immersed ourselves in Nepali culture through visits to heritage sites, collaborating with local organisations and talking to local student leaders. We worked with an NGO named SAMDAN (Social Awareness and Multi-purpose Development in Nepal), conducting waste management and business entrepreneurship classes for school children. At SAMDAN, we visited low income families receiving financial assistance to pray for them. 

Visiting Shanti Nepal, an NGO that facilitates sustainable social development for the poor and marginalised communities

We were privileged to meet student leaders from Nepal Biswabidyalaya Christia Bidyarti Sangati (NBCBS), the IFES movement in Nepal, for fellowship and prayer. It was eye-opening, visiting their university campuses and attending their lessons. We visited several NGOs like Shanti Nepal and International Need and were encouraged hearing their efforts in dealing with local social issues. 

We also met with students and staff members of NBCBS, and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) USA, who happened to be there at that time, and had a wonderful time learning about our different ministries and praying for one another. Lastly, we conducted a Bible study session for 20 students in a Christian boys’ hostel. 

Hanging out with IVCF (USA) and Nepali Students

My greatest takeaway is seeing how God has changed me through this trip. Through visiting NGOs and meeting their staff workers, I was inspired by how they persevered to seek God and waited patiently for His answer to their ministry. These people were willing to put aside their jobs and comfort, to set up a ministry to do God’s work and serve people. Through these meetings, I asked God what His purpose for me is as I wanted to be like them and follow His plan. I have learnt to be more intentional in seeking God’s plan, following Him obediently as He provides the strength for me to face each new day.

Learning about the struggles from students in Nepali universities made me feel that Singapore Christian students are privileged. In Singapore, we can easily book a room and organise our regular Christian Fellowship (CF) meetings. However, in Nepal, the Christian students are only able to meet outside their school premises once fortnightly to pray. Through this, I have learnt to cherish every CF session that I can have back in school.

When we met with the Nepali student leaders, they were encouraged knowing that there are people outside of Nepal wanting to learn more about their ministries and struggles and pray for them. This encouraged them to persevere in their ministries amidst the challenges they currently face. I hope that MORPH Nepal continues every year*, to bring encouragement and blessing to NBCBS and the student leaders.


Written by Christopher Wong Rong Kai, SIM CF for Impetus August 2018 ( FES E-newsletter)