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Book Review

Travel: In Tandem with God’s Heart
by Peter Grier
IVP (2018), 192 pages
FES Library book call number: 248.405 GRI

Where is your next travel destination? Many of us love to travel to visit new places of interest. The rise of more affordable modes of transportation and unique tourist spots creates a surge in the number of travellers around the world. This tide cannot be reversed. However, what does it mean for Christians to travel? Does the Bible have anything to say about it?

These are the questions that Grier, who himself loves to travel, unwraps. He shares some of his own travelogue entries, in which he connects his journeys with important biblical themes such as creation, fall, and redemption. However, he does this without overloading the readers with theological jargon. The book is a simple and interesting collection of his travel escapades to different places around the world, coupled with his personal reflections on what he saw and experienced. Grier offers an authentic and humble attempt to rethink travel from a biblical perspective. Thus, it invites any Christian, who loves to travel, to integrate his or her faith while travelling.

This book can be a good companion for anyone who is travelling. It may offer different perspectives in the way we see the places we visit, the people we talk to, and the culture we encounter. Hence, it enhances the meaning of our trip from a Christian standpoint. This book can also provide insights into any travelling plan. There are so many considerations and options. How should we go about in our planning? The tips from this book may help us to narrow down our choices and point us to craft a more worthwhile holiday plan.

Reviewed by
Victor Wibowo
FES senior ministry staff worker

If you are interested in bringing this book as your travel companion during your next trip, we offer you a reading guide so that you may (hopefully) have a more meaningful journey as you read and reflect.

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