Pray with Us

FES 60th Anniversary

As FES celebrates her 60th Anniversary, the FES Council has decided to follow a three-year framework to help us chart the way forward: to fallow (2019), to plough (2020), and to sow (2021).

Year of 2019 – To Fallow: Listen!

To fallow the land is a practice dating from ancient times where the land is left unused every few years. The main objective is to allow the land to rest and replenish its nutrients. Similarly, taking the wisdom from the above analogy, we think the best way to “fallow” the field is to genuinely and seriously listen to all involved in the work and pay attention to what they say or suggest.

We have launched two year-long surveys on the PLANT (Perceptions, Lifestyles, Aspirations, Needs, and Trials/challenges) of our students and graduates. During the same period, we will also conduct a series of consultations and focus group interviews with church leaders, faculty and senior alumni.

With the above inputs and ideas, pray with us:

  • that the field of FES “will rest and replenish its nutrients”, ready and energised to discern what God has in store for us in this worthy calling among students entering its seventh decade.
  • during this season of thanksgiving. FES will organise the 60th Anniversary Dinner, combined with the GCF Annual Dinner this year on Friday, 20 September 2019. Pray for the planning committee as they work out the details of this significant event so that it will be a meaningful time for all the students and graduates who will be there.