Pray with Us

Pray for a fruitful new academic year as universities open yet again. Pray for strength and perseverance for the student leaders and the staff workers as they continue ministry under the various restrictions and limitations. Even though the situation was similar last year, fatigue has accumulated through the year. Pray also for creativity in charting a new form of ministry in these times.

Please pray for our students’ National Conference on 24–26 September 2021. It will be largely focused on digital ministry and seeks to understand how profoundly the digital world has now shaped student life and faith, but also to then consider how mission can still be done in such a context. It will be a hybrid camp, so the logistics and administration of the camp will pose a different challenge than what we have been used to when planning for national conferences. Pray for a fruitful conference as the students will explore many unknowns to chart a clearer direction ahead.


From Impetus Aug 2021