Pursuing Humility

Pursuing Humility? Meditations of a Proud Heart

by Joël Cornuz

FES Singapore (2022)

In this new season as a student or as a graduate, what else are you pursuing?

A few words from the author about our newest monograph…

My whole journey with humility started with a message from Annette (Arulrajah). It has been more than 10 years now… and there is still so much more to explore.

In a sense, writing a book about humility is the easy part; putting it in practice is the challenging one.

Still, this journey has deepened my understanding of God; it has deeply impacted my vision of the ministry and my character. Cécile (my wife) is so happy to see me try my best at growing in humility 🙂

So as you are finishing another University year, or as you are graduating and considering what your next step should be, I would like to congratulate you (first of all) but also encourage you to stop and take the time to read and reflect about humility.

And I would like to pray that this may change your life the way it has changed mine: for the better and for God’s glory.

May you go further and faster than me on the blessed path of humility.

Joël Cornuz, Author of Pursuing Humility?

I recommend this book which is worth reading and meditating on.

It is one of the few books (in French) dedicated to humility. It is easy to read, not too voluminous, with many examples and little stories that sometimes make us smile, but that connect us to our own inner realities, to our true motivations, and even to our attempts to justify our inner attitudes and behaviors that often reflect our lack of humility. The content of this book, instead of judging us, encourages us to make the personal choice to let ourselves be mirrored by the character and teachings of Jesus Christ. It reminds us that ultimately, it is by being open to and receiving God’s grace that our transformation is made possible.

Daniel Bourdanné, former IFES General Secretary

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