Re-evaluating Historicity

Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith?

by James K. Hoffmeier and Dennis R. Magary (Eds.)
Crossway Press (2012), 542 pages
FES Library book call number: 220.13 HOF

The age of Enlightenment has been an impetus for the rise of critical bible scholarship. Christians give varied responses to this academic enterprise. On one hand, there were those who followed the methodologies that resulted in undermining of reliability and historicity of the Scripture. This leads to some Christians losing faith. On the other hand, many Christians readily dismiss any challenges that question traditional understanding of the Scripture and chose to remain oblivious. As a result, they isolate themselves from any meaningful engagements with criticisms.

This book tells examples of faithful Christians who seek to critically engage with bible scholarship. It is a collection of articles that introduces challenges and offers appropriate responses which neither forces the reader to embrace the conclusions of the critical scholars nor dismiss them without reasonable arguments. The contributors show that having a high view of Scripture is a more sensible scholarship enterprise than the opposite view. The book is divided into four parts; the theology of Scripture, issues in the Old Testament, issues in the New Testament, and archaeological findings. Most, if not all, of the contributors provide many helpful examples to present their case.

Christians who have doubts or questions about historicity of the Scripture will greatly benefit from this book as the contributors engage critical bible scholarship and uncover the flaws in its approaches and methodologies. It is also a good resource to equip Christians and to build their awareness on the understanding of the Scripture. Furthermore, this book will also enrich Christians’ understanding on certain Bible passages that are taken as examples in the book.

Reviewed by
Victor Wibowo
FES senior staff worker
NTU-ISCF Grad 2004

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