Rediscovering Our Ministry Identity

Your ID, Please?: Heart-to-Heart on the Distinctives of Student Ministry

by FES Singapore

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It has been more than 60 years since the FES student ministry was first established. Many things have changed, one of which involves the rise of many similar ministries that seek to serve the spiritual needs of the students on campus. Every ministry seems to carry programmes that are almost identical. It brings out the question of the relevance of the FES student ministry in today’s context. What makes the ministry distinct from others? Through seven short chapters, the monograph seeks to address this question.

The first chapter highlights and affirms the continual significance of student ministry today. The subsequent chapters unwrap each of the six distinctives which have influenced the way student ministry, through the Christian Fellowships (CFs), is conducted on campus. This monograph does not give exhaustive information on what each distinctive means. However, it provides a starting point where conversations can be initiated on the significance of each distinctive and its application on our campuses today through case studies given at the end of each chapter. Thus, the monograph touches on both the concept and the concrete expression of each distinctive.

This monograph is primarily written for FES staff workers and students, in particular student leaders who are considering how ministry should look like on campus. May this book be a tool to help us rediscover the identity of the FES student ministry.


Reviewed by

Victor Wibowo
FES Senior Staff worker
NTU ISCF Graduate (2004)