Settling In and Working It Out

On 8 January 2019, FES staff worker Rebecca Lim, left for Mongolia to work as a campus staff worker with Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS) Mongolia. (You can read more about this on page 35 of the October 2018 issue of Perspective at With the support of FES and her home church, Orchard Road Presbyterian Church, Becky will be serving in Mongolia for at least two years.

Celebrating Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolian Lunar New Year

It’s approaching the two-month mark since I joined the FCS Mongolia staff team. Due to its context and being more staff-initiated in structure, ministry here is very different from FES Singapore. Within the ministry, as a campus staff worker, I am involved in the medical students’ group and English Club. In the area of language, I also contribute to the team by holding English speaking corners for our staff, translating our newsletters to English, as well as helping with communications in English. FCS’ publishing arm is also trying to translate its first book and I have gladly and excitedly joined the team too. 

Since I arrived, it’s been a process of settling in, forming new friendships amid the physical distance of old ones, learning the cultural mores and obligations that come with different types of relationships, and experimenting with daily routines. Questions that I pondered on before coming are being worked out in the everyday: What is the role of a foreigner within a local staff team? How does a short-term foreign worker “be-long”? What is my identity here?

January was full of events. A team from the Philippines came to run an English camp, and through it, two new students joined us. We had our staff camp, during which we planned for the coming semester. After the Lunar New Year break, we officially kicked off this semester on 12 February by celebrating Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolian Lunar New Year, by greeting each other and eating dumplings. On that Thursday, we had our first Large Group Meeting of the semester. 

Our first Large Group Meeting of the semester

Please pray for us!

Our focus for this new semester is two-fold: to dwell on God’s Word, and to see at least 50 new students join our movement. Please pray that our students and staff will be inspired by God’s Word and be driven towards this common goal. Please also pray God will grant us wisdom, good teamwork, and prayer supporters. Pray that our students will follow up with the new students well.

Our annual Sports Day will be on 5-6 April with the aim of building fellowship among our students, graduates, and staff. For our 20th anniversary, we also hope to reconnect with our graduates and encourage them to grow in their walk with God within a community. Please pray for wisdom for the organising committee and for God’s divine protection to cover this big event. 

Written by
Rebecca Lim
FCS Mongolia campus staff worker (seconded by FES Singapore)