To Be Salt And Light In The Church

Transition to the local church. That was something that Michael (the FES staff worker) kept reminding us (the outgoing ExCo) to consider. I was minimally involved at church since I spent most of my time serving in NUS Indonesian Students’ Christian Fellowship (ISCF). I was convicted that, as an NUS student, it was my season to serve in campus. I thought, I will only join church ministry after graduation.

This notion slowly shattered at the end of my third year in NUS. This was partly due to hearing how difficult it has been for NUS ISCF alumni to blend in to their church ministries after graduation. The constant reminder from Michael made me rethink my initial plan; the reminder actually made sense. After all, NUS ISCF is a training ground to prepare us for our future ministries, including those in our churches. 

Therefore, during my final year at NUS, I joined a cell group in my church and opened my heart for new friendships in church. These helped me to understand the needs and direction of my church. As I started praying for those needs, the Lord stirred in me a passion and desire to edify His church. How I wished I could contribute more ideas, specifically to the church education team who plan and conduct seminars and teaching classes in my church. Those prayers were answered sooner than I expected. I became the deacon of the church education team at the minimum age required to be one (25 years old). 

Being the youngest, it was not easy. I hold 1 Timothy 4:12 dearly in my heart when dealing with folks who are older than I am. Not only did I learn their distinctive lingo and thought processes, I also adjusted my speech and writing style to match. Being a deacon has also exposed me to church politics and the inevitable disappointments encountered along the way.

Despite these hardships, I can attest that God’s grace is sufficient for us to do what He has called us to do. God provides through many ways, some beyond my wildest imaginations. It is not only campuses and the marketplace that require our presence as salt and light – churches too, in particular church leadership, as that is an area for evil spirits to frustrate God’s work.


Written by Irene Saksono
Irene graduated from NUS in 2012 and currently works as an Inbound Sales Specialist.

Perspective October/November 2018 (FES newsletter)