Towards Student-Graduate Integration

Since June 2017, attempts have been made to bridge the young graduates’ ministries of Graduates’ Christian Fellowship (GCF) and FES. In our effort to bring FES and GCF into closer partnership, we created a framework focusing on four key areas:

1. Fellowship

As young graduates at the workplace, they need much support and encouragement from one another. Walking together with their peers genuinely encourages and strengthens them. To facilitate this process of journeying together, we formed Cohort Groups. Cohort Groups are essentially groups of eight to ten fresh/young graduates from the same batch, who gather, share, and pray together. Most of them would have known one another since their student/CF days. At their gatherings, they could do book discussions, invite resource persons to give short talks, or just simply hear one another’s sharing. Each group normally lasts two to three years, as a transition to the next stage of their life. Some other ideas in the pipeline include starting a Conversation Café where informal and ingenious conversations about life and work may take place, and partnership with other like-minded ministries.

2. Equipping

From a recent mini survey conducted among young graduates, we discovered that talks, seminars, or camps are the platforms they would like to have to be trained and equipped for life and ministry at the workplace. Hence, we would continue conducting these regularly. 

3. Networking

Young graduates must also build networks and cultivate inter-generational fellowships with older graduates. To do this well, these efforts must start while they are still students. One way is through Homecoming Fellowship activities where we invite senior alumni to return to campus and attend fellowship events or contact/small group activities of the various FES-affiliated groups. A more intentional partnership with various sectional groups of GCF will also be cultivated. 

4. Projects

Finally, young graduates love to get involved in tangible projects, not only to edify themselves, but also for the sake of others. In addition to that, the project should be missional as well as inter-disciplinary. I believe young graduates have plenty of creative ideas that can be cultivated into various projects for God’s kingdom and for common good. 

Pray with us that these young graduates will be able to live out the FES and GCF vision of being salt and light in the church and society. If you have any input or feedback, feel free to contact me at  


Written by Lisman Komaladi, FES General Secretary & GCF Graduate Secretary for Perspective October/November 2018 (FES newsletter)