Unhooked The Technology!!!

The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place
by Andy Crouch

Baker Books (2017), 224 pages
FES Library book call number: 261.52 CRO

Technology is a reality of modern living. Its rapid advancement brings a lot of convenience and changes to people’s lifestyle in many ways. However, it also introduces many challenges to the pattern of people’s lives. It can create dependency and entanglement that disrupts healthy living. The invention of the electric light is one powerful example. On one hand, no one can deny its use in enabling people to work better in places with little or no light. But on the other hand, this invention also makes people work through the night and forget the rhythm of work and rest. What is the proper use of technology? This is the question that the book attempts to answer.

Crouch argues that “the most powerful choices we will make in our lives are not about specific decisions but about patterns of life: the nudges and disciplines that will shape all other choices” (Crouch, p.37). In this small book, Crouch puts forward the principles to cultivate these patterns of life in dealing with technology. Specifically, he identifies “ten commitments for a healthy family life with technology” (Crouch, p.38). He does not claim that he has done all the commitments equally well. However, he draws experiences and observations from his own family as well as some other Christian families who seriously wrestle with this issue and seek a better way to employ technology.  Furthermore, his suggestions are also reinforced by statistical research from the Barna Group on the reality of how families are responding to the issue. Thus, this book really contains very carefully-crafted wisdom derived from various inputs on dealing with technology.

As the title suggests, this book is primarily written for Christian families who struggle with the appropriacy of technology. Nonetheless, this book also brings reflections that can equip Christians to prudently handle technology because the commitments that Crouch offers may also be carried out by individuals. Although the commitments may be counterintuitive to the modern living, they nurture the habit of putting the technology at its proper place. This is necessary for many people in the world today.

Reviewed by

Victor Wibowo
FES Senior Staffworker
NTU ISCF Grad 2004

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