Unleashing Your Creativity

Create vs. Copy: Embrace Change. Ignite Creativity. Break Through with Imagination
by Ken Wytsma

Moody Publisher (2016), 192 pages
FES Library book call number: 261.502 WYT

Society is changing rapidly. It disturbs stability and break routines, leaving many people and organizations with fear and anxieties of how they can keep up with the rate of change. Wytsma identifies at least two types of people who deal with change differently. The first type responds by creating and innovating while the second reacts by copying and emulating what others have done well. He believes that human being is endowed with capacity for the former, but pragmatist mindset easily sways man to the latter. This conviction leads him to write a book that help people realize their potential to create and unleash incredible possibilities that are previously unthought of.

Wytsma divides the book into two parts. In the first part, he expounds the theological basis of his conviction that humans are the reflection of God’s image, who is creative and continues to create. In a similar way, humans can exercise that creativity continuously. In the second part, he explores practical ways of bringing more creativity in human lives through recapturing the capacity to imagine. Through this book, Wytsma encourages nurturing of creative mindset which is often crippled by the busyness and routines of modern living.

This is a good book for anyone because it unleashes the mind to see possibilities and refuses to reserve creativity merely for artists. It offers practical ways which can be done by man of all ages. Consequently, the habit of creative mind that Wytsma promotes is beneficial to enhance lives be it for children at play or professionals at work. It can also be said that it is even more crucial for people who hold leadership position so that they may learn to see possibilities amidst the challenges brought by rapid changes in the world today.

Reviewed by

Victor Wibowo
FES Senior Staffworker
NTU ISCF Grad 2004

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