Welcome Freshmen!

It is the holiday season for many of the universities, but it only means that a new academic year will be starting soon. Our university CFs are already busy organising Freshmen Orientation Camps and Programmes (FOCs & FOPs) to welcome and orientate incoming freshmen for 2021/2022. Due to Covid-19, and school being no longer business as usual,  orientation to the new context of campus is more important than before. If you are an incoming student, we welcome you to our CF’s FOC/FOP. If you know of any incoming freshmen, do let them know about the upcoming programmes as well.

NUS VCF FOC (12-15 July): https://tinyurl.com/illbethereforFOC2021


NUS CVCF (12-14 Aug): https://forms.gle/v2Wc4ucCFPSM8q1s7


NTU CF FOP (13,14 Aug): see poster below.


NTU CCF (20,21 Aug):  https://tinyurl.com/2rtkwjfr 


For more information about other upcoming polytechnic and university programmes, drop a note at this link: