Upper Room

The Upper Room is a quarterly prayer meeting organised for students of all FES-affiliated Christian Fellowship (CF) groups, by the FES National Student Council (NSC). The name Upper Room was chosen with reference to the place where the apostles gathered for prayer during the time between Jesus’ ascension and Pentecost (Acts 1:12–13).

The first Upper Room was held on the evening of 20 January 2018. As one student body, we interceded for a range of items. At the regional level, we prayed for the Rohingya refugees, and for Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, the former Governor of Jakarta. At the national level, we prayed about the issue of suicide among youths in Singapore. We also committed to God Singapore’s responsibility as Chairman of ASEAN for this year. Lastly, we prayed for our brothers and sisters in Singapore Polytechnic Christian Fellowship (SP CF) and Singapore Institute of Management Students’ Christian Fellowship (SIM SCF). Though English was the main language used during the event, we made a point to pray for SP CF and SIM SCF in Bahasa Indonesian and Chinese as well. The event closed with a time of fellowship over snacks and drinks. 

It was meaningful to come together, discussing the common issues we face and collectively interceding for our siblings in Christ in Singapore and East Asia. Indeed, prayer is a very real way for us to engage with issues, both those that are within our control and those that seem much too wide for us as young students to handle. For we are not speaking empty words, but rather, interceding before a God whose ear is so close to the ground, who hears our prayers and whose heart pains for the world. As we leave the prayer meeting, we would then be enabled to live out and give a united Christian response when we each face these issues in the public sphere. 

Besides spending time in prayer, we also got to know students from various campuses, both polytechnics and universities, and understood a bit more about their campus fellowships too. Let’s develop a heart for all the various CFs, our country and region and, connect with God and each other through prayer.


Written by Rebecca Lim, FES Staffworker for Perspective March 2018 ( FES newsletter)