Current Issue

July 2019

CW Exposure Trip

在达沃的14天 (14 Days in Davao)

今年三月,我参与了一个由十人组成前往菲律宾达沃十四天(26/3 –  8/4)的短宣队。 短宣队里除了贵兴干事夫妇以外,还有三名来自新加坡理工学院和五名来自淡马锡理工学院的学生。抵达达沃后,我们一行人被安排住在达沃关怀农场里。

Project YumCha

Quenching the Thirst of Janitors in NTU

As part of NTU-CF’s community engagement efforts, one Small Group (SG) proposed a Pay-it-Forward programme at the canteens in NTU. The project was carried out in collaboration with Canopy Canteens found in Hall of Residence One and Two.

NSC Upper Room

Where Campuses Gather to Pray

On 30 April 2019, over thirty students from different institutions in Singapore attended Upper Room at FES. Upper Room is a prayer meeting organised by the National Students Council (NSC) to bring students from different institutions together to learn more about one another’s ministries and to pray.


Living the Gospel-Driven Missional Life

The theme of this year’s NTU ISCF Camp was “Living the Gospel-Driven Missional Life”. It was an important theme for ISCF to share the gospel. At first, I expected to gain mission exposure.


From Nominal to Radical Christian

The theme of this year’s NUS ISCF camp was Inside Out: From Nominal to Radical Christian. The camp was held at St. Pio’s Friary and Spirituality Centre in Johor from 13-16 May 2019.

Poly CCF Camp

When We Are Together

The combined Polytechnic Chinese Christian Fellowship bonding camp was held on 18-20thJune. I was given the opportunity to serve in the planning committee.


Office Renovation

As part of further ministry integration between GCF and FES (together with a much-needed refurbishment), we carried out GCF/FES office renovation in April 2019 and completed it recently.