No. 5  /  July 2020

Meet Me

Hi again! The situation in Singapore caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented many of you from accessing my home, the FES Library. It is unfortunate, but I hope as the situation in Singapore improves, you will be able to come and make the most of the resources I have.


Nonetheless, I am also excited to tell you about this. Recently, I found out that most of the FES books have been made available in E-book format at very affordable prices. You can search for the E-books at I really encourage you to grab them because they are written, especially the newly published monograph, Your ID, Please?, specifically for those of us who are involved in student ministry.


By the way, drop me an email at if you have any questions about the FES Library or our publications. I would love to assist you.



Reflecting Disability

Making a World of Difference: Christian Reflections on Disability
by Roy McCloughry and Wayne Morris
SPCK Publishing (2002), 160 pages
FES Library book call number: 248.86 MCC


Jesus was not a disabled person. He was not a woman. He lived in a different time of history. How then would he be able to identify with us or these groups of people mentioned? …

Rediscovering Our Ministry Identity !!!

Your ID, Please?: Heart-to-Heart on the Distinctives of Student Ministry
by FES Singapore
Available for purchase at


It has been more than 60 years since the FES student ministry was first established. Many things have changed, one of which involves the rise of many similar ministries that seek to serve the spiritual needs of the students on campus …

FES E-Books available at Rakuten Kobo

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