No. 7  / March 2021

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While the pandemic situation is ongoing, we see many other matters emerging in Singapore. People are concerned about safety in cyberspace as we are more virtually connected than ever during this period. The issues primarily revolve around privacy invasion and personal data protection. The more established Big Tech companies, whom many are dependent on, changed their policies from time to time, and new tech startups appear. Many are also troubled by the whole discussion about vaccination. On the one hand, some declare that it is important for all to get vaccinated while other voices caution its safety and effectiveness. Some people also debate about the American presidential election as one group sided with Trump while the other favoured Biden. Both sides believe that they support a better cause for the world. Recently we also heard arguments on LGBTQ rights relating to a student who could not undergo hormone therapy because of a certain school’s regulation. Christians are challenged to respond to this myriad of ethical and practical issues of the world biblically. I hope that you can find guidance as you browse the books in my home. There are many Christians who have wrestled with these issues biblically and offered their reflections through these books. Happy reading!


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Symphony of Mission

The Symphony of Mission: Playing Your Part in God’s Work in the World
by Michael W. Goheen and Jim Mullins


The Christian imagination, often neglected in our standardised Singapore education, is what I suggest as one of the key contributions …

The Other Side of the Wall

The Other Side of the Wall: A Palestinian Christian Narrative of Lament and Hope
by Munther Isaac


As a young boy looking at the world map, I was puzzled as to why Israel is within Palestine. The media then would always portray the Palestinians as troublemakers, …


书籍分享 – 向下的移动: —基督的舍己之路
by 卢云



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