No.11  / July 2022

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Hi everyone,


First off, congratulations to our fresh graduates on making it to an end to your journey as a student (for now), and on the embarking of a whole new journey ahead! For this edition of Flint, we’ve gathered some books – recommended by your staff workers and fellow graduates – that  might encourage you for this next chapter of life; a companion for the way ahead.


Speaking of fresh, on top of the new books we have this month, I would also like to welcome our newest publication – Pursuing Humility? Meditation of a Proud Heart – into our library. Come and check it out, and happy reading!


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Books for the Graduate:
Recommendations by your staff workers!

Every Good Endeavour


“EGE does not reinvent the wheel that is the treatment of faith and work, but helps us to see how work was originally designed by the Lord, how it was broken by sin, and how He is restoring it through His Gospel.” – Jefferson, NTU ISCF Alumni


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Kingdom Calling


“Understanding work from a Kingdom perspective will enable us Christians to view work as more than just a means to an end.” – Kevin Timothy Fridianto, NUS ISCF Alumni


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FLINT’s Good News for You

Pursuing Humility?

“It is easy to read, not too voluminous, with many examples and little stories that sometimes make us smile, but that connect us to our own inner realities, to our true motivations, and even to our attempts to justify our inner attitudes and behaviors that often reflect our lack of humility.” Daniel Bourdanné, former IFES General Secretary


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