No.10  / March 2022

Meet Me

Hi everyone!


Flint here, and this time around I thought, why not have book reviews by students for fellow students? Just to change it up a little. I asked a few CFers to share their own reflection on recent books that impacted them, or good reads from our library that they would recommend to other students. These reflections really did encourage me to further reflect on things that I have read, and made me quite excited to read more. On top of all these new books to sink into, I hope the heartfelt sharings would spur all of us on, as we continue on this journey of growing in both knowledge and faith. Happy reading!


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Sarah’s Laughter


“This book doesn’t water down the reality of brokenness, the validity of the struggle nor the goodness of God.” – Joelle, NUS VCF


Read here for full book review.

Life Together


“Life Together has been a life-changing read that has teased out the nuanced nature of community that isn’t commonly talked about.” – Rachel, NTU CF


Read here for full book review

Not Yet Married


“Not Yet Married has forced me to confront my preconceived notion of what dating and marriage is, while offering a new perspective on singlehood.” – Carolyn, NUS VCF


Read here for full book review.


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